• Image of Balance Gem Water Bottle

What it is: A water bottle made from premium, high-quality glass an interchangeable gempod base filled with a selection of hand-picked gemstones.
-Handcrafted, lead-free, borosilicate glass bottle.
-Gemstone mix: clear quartz.
-Reusable bottle increases oxygenation and boosts alkalinity (pH) of everyday tap, filtered, or bottled water up to 8.02 in 7-10 minutes.
-Sealed GemPod holds fair-mined, semiprecious, tumbled gemstones.
-Stainless steel caps with BPA-free plastic lining.
-Holds 16.9 fluid ounces.
-3"Dia. x 9.5"T.

What it does: Balance is a clear quartz blend designed to bring balance to your day. VitaJuwel is not just jewelry for water, it also energizes your drinking water and restructures it to the same level as pure spring water.

How to use: Use this as your drinking water to replenish hydration throughout the day. To clean, unscrew the gempod and crystal glass pod. Use some lukewarm water and a natural detergent (vinegar essence or soap) and rinse.